Friday, December 10, 2010

Three Black could be running for Alderman positions.

Alderman Michael Shields one of eight City Council members who are seeking to be re-elected. Shields, and most of the members of the Racine City Council who would be up for reelection in the spring say they plan to run again.
Shields has already taken his nomination papers out and has begun circulate them, according to state elections law. Candidates are required to get at least 20 signatures, but no more than 40 and be a residents in their districts in order to get on the ballot.
Shields, the veteran alderman on the council, have served 22 years after this term, say that he is running to finish some unfinished business in his diverse District. “We have to make sure that the businesses community in Racine continue to receive the resource they need to create jobs, while we maintain safe neighborhoods,” explained Shields, who have served on all of the city committee. The third district which covers wards 7 and 8 is roughly bounded by 21st Street, Washington Avenue, Spring Street, and Holborn Street.

Unconfirmed, Keith Fair, a formal Alderman and a downtown businessman, plan to make a stab at defeating Jeff Coe, for the 1st District Aldermadic seat. Incumbent Jeff Coe has been in the seat since 2001 except for a two-year term when Keith Fair defeated him in 2005. Now if true, the two are at it again for the fifth time. Fair have said that the he want the council to be more supportive to the businesses and the needs of neighborhoods.

The first district includes Downtown Racine as well as surrounding residential neighborhoods. It is roughly border by Holborn Street, 14th Street, Lake Michigan and the Root River.

Another African American who has hinted that he might be a candidate for the 13th Districted is real estate broker Kenneth Hamilton.

Hamilton would be seeking to unseat, James Spangenberg, who was elected Alderman in 2001. The 13th district which covers wards 29 and 30 is roughly bounded by Washington Avenue, 20th Street, West Blvd. and Oregon Street.

Aldermen are paid $6,900 annually. The city also makes an annual contribution to the Wisconsin Retirement System for each alderman - in 2011 it will be 13.3 percent of each alderman's city salary